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It is about tapping back into who you truly are and re-member-ing your resources.

It is about listening to the inner wisdom while letting the weight fall off
as you are being guided and
held into an embodied experience.


When emotions do not get the chance to flow in order to cleanse the impact of the situation,
they build themselves into a fragment in our subconscious system and in our body.
Those fragments tend to communicate to us through limiting beliefs, impulsive behaviors and reactivity, physical pain or dis-ease, disproportional emotional outbursts, addiction, 
flight, fight or freeze- an irritated nervous system.



My work as a Neuro-Somatic Bodywork Practitioner is to guide you into a deep cleanse and integration of your personal obstacles, liberate from trauma or traumatic history,
and accompany your path of embodying
the sovereign, empowered and unique being that you inherently are.

Proven in the latest research in Neuroscience and confirmed in my own personal journey,
deep and lasting harmony takes place when the human is being accompanied on a holistic level.

I studied two different therapeutic approaches that I combine in my sessions:

Pantarei Approach®

It offers me a diverse panel for guiding you through hard times & trauma, inner reflection, insecurities and enabling those fragments to recirculate and transform into a state that is resourceful to you
and opening valuable perspectives



My values:

Holistic listening
Deep Respect
Intentional Touch
Embracing Individuality




One-to-One Session
90 min. 55 - 75 €
depending on your financial capacity

Figeac, 4 rue Edmont Michelet & Online
English, French & German

I am available for a free call to feel if this is the right support for you.
To arrange that, write me an email with two availabilities and I will get back to you.


What Clients say


My first session with Alice : 

After telling the story of my childhood and my burdens still painful to this day, Alice immediately identified the source of my wound and also the emotions that had been stuck in my body all this time as a result of my traumas. 

She accompanied me in this journey with a lot of support and wisdom, so I was able to entirely surrender myself to her knowledge and professionalism that impressed me deeply regarding a first session. 

She has a true softness but also such depth that allows us to feel both supported, but also pushed to our fears to bring them home to light.

Since this reprogramming of my subconscious and a more aligned view of myself, I feel completely transformed. My life has taken a real turn and I know that all this is partly thanks to her and her love for life. She allowed me to let go of 25 year old burdens in the space of 1h30. 


I cannot be grateful enough and I hope to continue my inner work with her. 

I highly recommend her with my eyes closed. 

Alana, 28, Yoga and Breathwork Instructor


Thanks to my session with Alice, I was able to welcome the death of a loved one with love and lightness.

I now see death no longer as a drama or even a trauma, but as Life and Love itself.

During the session I felt safe, like in a cocoon, filled with Love where I was able to feel and overcome many fears and sadness that had been sleeping in me for many years. Alice transformed me, brought me back to my Unity, my uniqueness, my lightness, ... What can I say ... Except that this treatment was not only healing, but the gift of a lifetime. Alice, this beautiful fairy who creates miracles of Soul-Love in your heart and who brings out of you your most beautiful light.       

       - Victoria, 31, Child Therapist

Dear Alice, thank you for the beauty of your care, I feel free of my physical pain that I have had for several days or months - it has completely disappeared since.

Guided by your golden voice in such gentle and unconditional kindness.

The healing occurred in such fluidity never experienced before.
An inner journey that is difficult to explain, powerful - an experience to live.

You supported me in the most difficult moments.
I would never have imagined going through what I went through.

At the end of the treatment my energy was well rooted and present in all my bodies. 
An immense liberation and an infinite, solid space resides in me now.
A joy of being alive in a life of sufficiency.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, I will come back to you for a next treatment.

        - Laetitia, 34, Professional Dancer

After years of gender-questioning while struggling with an eating disorder, Alice was the first person who could help me coming back into my body, to connect mind, emotion and body. And she did in a massaging kind of way... she did make a journey with me through my whole body. I Never knew therapy can also look like that. 
What I actually want to say: Alice is a person who is really good at listening and responding in an empathetic way. It was so easy being vulnerable around her, because she gives you the feeling of absolute safety. 
My strength, power, energy has now the shape of a peony. It‘s my embodied femininity that I have even now tattooed after this powerful session.
I would highly recommend anyone, who might have kind of forgotten who he or she is, to take a Pantarei session with Alice. 
Gentle, kind, focused, knows how to create a safe space, trustworthy, warm, and many things more :) 
Last but not least: Thank you!

Diving with Alice into a session gave me the opportunity to blow lightness, clarity and flow onto those energies in my body which got stuck and caused me discomfort and confusion.
Her gentle and soft yet energetic and supporting approach was the perfect medicine for me in this very moment I needed it. It felt like being guided into the depth of myself to do the work there and still knowing I am safe and held. 
I cherish Alice as a medicine Woman, Therapist and sister very much and would again and again full of trust let myself fall into her arms.

To then stand up empowered centered and with clarity from within.
Thank you for doing the work Alice. 

          - Aileen ~

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